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lnzjIRZVT52dykgVPwYmFwI would not normally post something like this, but this family is very close to my heart.  Alexis Poore is the daughter of one of my best friends.  On August 30th she was struck with a horrible illness.  She has been in the hospital for months and will continue on for quite a while longer.  Her mother is disabled and also quite ill.  The medical bills have devastated them.

26Zqb4Z8TqWIpuD9E0Ka6wRecently a friend of the family posted a fundraising project for Alexis on GiveForward.  I am re-posting what they wrote about Alexis and her illness in hopes that you will, if you possibly can, donate to help Alexis and her family in this great time of need.  I know, without a doubt that they have always given of themselves to anyone who was in need.  I have been on the receiving end of their love and charity.

If you would like to donate please click here.

The Give Forward Fundraising Project:

Friends and family of Alexis Poore are uniting to raise money to help with medical related expenses. Please show your love and support

Alexis and her mom, Rene have always been very loving and giving people. They go above and beyond to help out anyone they can. They are very family oriented and miss all the ‘babies’ that love them and miss their “Lello” and “Ninnie”.

On August 30th, the day started like any other. Alexis and her mom, Rene had no idea that this was to be the beginning of the nightmare they would be facing for many months to come.

BnwpElYMQUa58HzcnlrX2wAs the day wore on Alexis developed what she thought was a muscle spasm in the calf of her left leg. Not thinking much about it she attempted to walk it out and get relief. The pain in her leg continued and had worsened by the next morning. Still not thinking anything was wrong, she tried various things to ease the pain.
By the second night she was running a temperature. Her fever continued to rise throughout the next day, and she started having severe chills. The pain in her leg had become almost unbearable anytime she tried to walk. By the fourth day her temperature was extremely high and chills were constant even with medication to try to control them. She cried any time she tried to stand. Enough was enough and Rene insisted she go to the emergency room.
After checking blood work and other issues that were going on the doctor’s determined that Alexis had diabetic ketoacidosis and immediately admitted her to the intensive care unit.

Three days after being admitted to St Francis hospital in Cape Girardeau the doctor came to Rene for a signature for emergency surgery due to a gas pocket formation between the bone and calf muscle in Alexis’ left leg.

When the surgeons made the incision, her leg ruptured and they discovered the culprit…Necrotizing fasciitis.
Necrotizing fasciitis is caused by a bacteria that destroys muscle and tissue causing it to die. She was septic and there was a high possibility that she wouldnt make it. At this point she had been placed on a ventilator, had a trach inserted and was on a morphine drip as well as being heavily sedated to help manage the excrutiating pain she was going through. During her 17 day stay at St Francis, Alexis underwent 8 surgeries to attempt to get ahead of this bacteria. By the time they got to the last surgery, Alexis had 2 large holes in her upper thigh, one on the front of her leg, and there is nothing but bone, muscle, and tendon on the back of her leg from the bend of her knee down to the top of her ankle. After the final surgery, the doctors explained they had done as much as they could and transferred her to Mercy hospital in St Louis.

jRswp8I8RXSGrEydNyJkUgThrough the weeks ahead, she developed many complications. She has had pneumonia several times, developed a tear in the lining of her lung causing the lower portion to collape and fill with blood, they have found several nodules on her lungs caused by bacteria, as well as a pressure ulcer that goes all the way to the bone. She has had several blood transfusions, is severly anemic, and they have trouble keeping her sodium and potassium levels corrected, as well as trying to manage and keep her diabetes under control. She continued to have several surgeries to debride and irrigate her left leg as well as the pressure ulcer. They have done a skin graft to repair the damaged tissue on her left leg but there are areas that did not take.

Alexis is in a long term acute care hospital and will travel back and forth for surgeries. At this point she is unable to do very much in the way of physical therapy. Until she is able to manage at least 3 hours of intense therapy a day, she wont be able to move to a rehab facility. After she is strong enough to do therapy, she’ll move to an inpatient rehabilitation facility that will teach her new ways to do things and to help her get strong enough to come home. But this is still months away.

Her family has exhausted their finances traveling back and forth, lodging, meals, etc so they can be with Alexis as much as possible during all of this. All of the utilites have been turned off at her home in order to try to afford the expenses but she needs your help. There will need to be adjustments to the house inside and out to make it possible for Alexis to be able to stay in her home and get around.

There will be several more months of hospitals and rehab facilities, then the battle begins at home on Alexis’s long journey to recovery. Struggling with finances is the last thing they need to worry about.

Lets all work togther to show our love and support!



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